ee it come alive! A Multimedia Interactive Introduction to Talmud Study with a Master Lesson Plan for both children & adults. Animated Talmud is an exciting new computer program that teaches Talmud through animation sequences and interactive media, making the learning process enjoyable, easy, and clear. Wouldn’t we all like to have difficult information made understandable and presented to us on a silver platter? Now, with Animated Talmud, you can see the Gemara come alive! Volume 1 of Animated Talmud, "Introduction to the Talmud" provides an overview of the Oral Tradition of the Torah, its development and codification in the Mishna, Gemara, and the Codes of Jewish Law. The student encounters the Torah personalities and formative events of the Talmudic tradition, while acquiring the basic skills necessary for eginning Talmud study. Providing the student with full of amazing facts, insights, and challenging exercises to help the student fully integrate the information presented in
the program. Animted Talmud is not a replacement for diligent study. Rather, it is a tool for opening the student's heart and mind to the Talmud, and for overcoming the sense of disorientation and confusion felt by many beginning Talmud students. Join us in the learning of tomorrow! An Overview of the Program: The full program when complete will include a total of #15 Lessons. Each lesson has 5-10 minutes of scroll animation. You can view now most of them on line. After each scroll there is an additional 10 minuet talking caricature explanations. Teaching the history of the Jewish people and show what led our sages to put their thoughts into writing. Learning all the terminology of the Talmud, including how the pages are set up, and what we like to call, the ‘mechanics’ of the Talmud.What’s inside… Each learning sequence contains: " Animated stories, explanations, and dialogues. " Important facts about the Talmud and its history. " Meetings with Torah Sages of the past. " Definitions of key words and concepts. " Interactive modules and self testing.Features... l Over two hundred minutes of animation sequences! l Fully envisioned game environment! l Hundreds of sound effects! l High quality vector Art! l Knowledge you won't find elsewhere! For our children... P Provides accessible Torah based role models. P Encourages self development and spiritual character. P Stresses the importance of love and awe of Hashem. P Encourages the student’s own search for truth.Thank you for being a part of this exciting new program, Animated Talmud. The first volume we are developing is the Talmud Tutorial - a beginner for all ages. Our target audience begins with 4th graders, but all ages will enjoy learning from it as well.Originally, we had planned to begin with “Eilu Metziot,” the chapter with which most students begin when studying Gemarah. However, after speaking with many educators, the importance of first teaching the basics of the Talmud’s history became apparent. A well rounded introduction, we discovered, would set the foundation for all future learning. For example: ‘How did the Talmud evolve?’ and ‘What are the basic terms one needs to know in order to study the Talmud?’ Commonly used terms, such as Torah Sheb’al Peh, Tannaim, Amoraim, Mishna and Gemarah, are key to Talmud study. Benny Goldstein Founder and Project co-cordinator Benny Goldstein has extensive training and skills in the use of digital media and in the creation of interactive programs. Deeply concerned about the future of Jewish education, he founded the Animated Talmud project, to assist today’s students grapple with the intricacies of the Talmud without loosing the traditional depth and flavor of the learning. He single-handedly developed the programming for making a page of Talmud interact with the student, and seeks to expand Animated Talmud into a complete virtual learning experience! Moshe Glick Artist and Animator A graduate of Bet Ahiezer yeshiva in Ashkelon and a student of the renowned Israeli painter, Hannah Raviv, Moshe Glick is an accomplished portraitist and a virtuoso of the virtual art media. He is also a guitarist and composer. He dedicates himself to researching Mussar texts, those which chart the path for psycho-spiritual development. He lives in Ashkelon, Israel with his wife and young daughter. Rabbi Nathan Glick Researcher and Scriptwriter Rabbi Nathan is prominent Talmudist and Jewish Philosopher, firmly rooted in both the Yeshiva worlds and its traditions, yet conversant in the world of academia and modern scholarship. His innovative methods for understanding and teaching Talmud are reflected in the originality of his writing for Animated Talmud. He lives in Ashkelon, Israel and is married with five grown children. Eugene Weisberg Narrator & vocie over Eugene Weisberg grew up New York City where he studied speech and drama, gaining extensive experience as an actor, radio host and voice-over narrator. Now living in Israel with his wife and four children, he divides his time between Torah study and performing magic. His minimalist form of stagecraft has won acclaim for its skillful use of audience participation and suggestion. Oren Eytan Audio Engineer and Song Producer One of Israel’s most prominent and talented masters of sound technique, Oren Eytan’s state of the art recording studio has generated some of the most innovative sounds in today’s music. Oren has producedsongs by many of great names of the contemporary Israeli music scene, in styles ranging from Folk to Mediterranean and beyond. Rabbi Gerald Goldstein Sponsoring Orgnzation Rabbi Gerald Goldstein came to Israel in the early 70’s to help with the establishment of Diaspora Yeshiva as world Center of Scholarship and Torah. Over the years he has helped nurture institutes of advanced study, children’s schools, vocational training centers, and even a sports facility for an isolated town. Today he dedicates his energies to
championing the authenticity and holiness of Mt Zion (located on the southern high-ground of the Old City in Jerusalem) as a true Davidic site and as the traditional place of King David’s Tomb. Here are some answers to questions you might have:   Q. Is this the finished program? The Introduction to the Talmud once finished will include a total of #15 Lessons. Each lesson has 5 minutes of scroll animation. You can view most of them now on line. Coming soon - After each scroll there is an additional 10 minuet talking caricature explanation.   Q. Am I able to see Actual learning animation? Actual learning animation, seeing the caricatures arguing back and forth from a real Gemarh, will only come in Volume 2 of animated Talmud Chapter Elu Metziot.   Q. When can I expect to see the rest of the lessons on line? We are working as diligently as we can.  If you have signed up to receive our newsletter,   you will be notified as we post new animation during the upcoming months.   Q. Which gedolim and
mechanchim are supporting this concept? Animated Talmud is under the auspices of Harav Mordechai Goldstein of Diaspora Yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael, who lends his full endorsement and support of the program.Before the final version of the program is ready for distribution, we will present it to various other gedolim for their review and haskamot.   Q. A few have asked:  What happened to Eisek Hatorah & Amailut which is a critical aspect of Talmud Torah? We are trying to make our holy Talmud accessible to all Jews in all walks of life. Have you ever seen a learning challenged child struggle to make sense of all the words floating by on a page of Talmud? Is this child's Jewish soul not as important as yours or mine? True learning, Eisek Hatorah and amailut can only happen once the basics are understood. The rewarding struggle that goes on when truly delving into the Talmud will only happen once the original concept is "chapped". Then, in depth discussion can take place. Animated Talmud is an introduction to the basics. Imagine how much more learning can take place once the basic mishna & concepts are understood through some visual aid that will without a doubt, stay in your mind forever.    Q. Where can I order the program? When the program comes out you will be able to order it right here on our web site or from Judaica stores near you.    Q. I have a child with learning disabilities.  Will this program be good for him? This program is excellent for such a child. It is visually oriented and rich with character animation. So far, every young student who saw the sample was captivated by what he saw and was able to remember what he learned easily and clearly. That is the beauty of the program. It appeals to children of all types and abilities as well as adults, reaching across all barriers, making the Talmud accessible to everyone.   Q. Do you have more of a demo than what is currently available online? Not right now.  However, we would be happy to email a beta version of certain sections to those who are interested in critiquing constructively and think that they may have something to add to the final version of the program.   Q. My son is going in to the first grade.  Can I give him the program too? Yes. Aside from all the other learning features, one can also sit back and watch the entire page of gemarah from start to finish like a movie. Not only is every minute of viewing time educational, it is also entertaining.   Q. I'm interested in the business aspect of the project as I may be willing to invest the funds if the math works. Is this possible? People who wish to invest want a large return on their money and they don't want to mix investments with something that is more appealing to their emotions, doing good in the world etc. In that sense, the math does not work out for Animated Talmud. We now seek sponsors for the program. If you are interested, and would like to see your name on the program, please check out our sponsor link. If you are interested in investing in something that could be quite lucrative and Jewish I will send you other great ideas that I have.   Q. Is this program only on the internet or on CD too? Currently, it will only be offered over the internet.    Q. When will the whole shas be finished? Probably not before the new Daf Yomi cycle is finished!  Discussions I had with people over email about Animated Talmud: Q. Is it possible for Torah to be disseminated on the web when most of cyberspace is a makom tumah? Is Torah that comes through this medium affected in a negative way and thus unable to truly penetrate the hearts of those learning online? Q. Those who have spent much time learning Torah can tell you that the main success of learning comes through "amailus b'Torah". With music, sound and animation one might see the words "come to life" but without the "amailus" will the learner "come to life"? Q. Are you afraid that by bringing Jews to this site you are bringing them to the internet in general, which for most people is a nisoyin that cannot be handled without falling into dangerous other sites? Coming from a Yeshiva environment, and knowing what is to be a secular Jew, you cannot ignore the fact of amelut in torah. But I do have a few answers that you could choose to accept or not, it’s just one Jewish man’s thought on the matter. Did you know that when Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi wrote the Mishnayot it wasn’t accepted all over, and people had the same concern you did back then too. And later when Rashi came out – same reaction from Jews all over, not to mention the uproar that the Mishnah Brurah made 100 years ago. Rabbis were burning his books. And how about Art Scroll – are thousands of people wrong for learning them? I bet that you have an art scroll book or two at home in your library. A student walks in to see his Rebbi and asks him “Rebbi, can I smoke while I am learning Torah?” The Rebbi answers “Of course NOT!” The student comes back five minuets later and asks “Rebbi, while I am smoking, can I learn?” the Rebbi says “But of course you could!” Now let me ask you, your child asks you “Dad can I learn with Animated Talmud in school in the class room? You answer him “Of course NOT!” Now your child asks you, “Dad, after school for playtime, can I learn Animated Talmud” or “Dad, instead of buying me the Tomb Rader game can you buy me Animated Talmud?” If at this point you say “my son doesn’t play computer games,” well, I have to say that you are the minority and tell you that a lot of boys today do play those games and they spend a lot of money on them too. This goes for TV as well; wouldn’t you prefer your son to watch the Talmud rather then watching the junk on TV? You could say that you don’t have a TV but again have in mind the tens of thousands of Jewish people out there who DO! And they are never going to learn the Talmud the way you and I did and might never learn it at all if not for this program. How could you deny all these people the chance to get involved in learning our holy Talmud? I get a very large number of encouraging emails but here is one that I got that was more on the discouraging side, and here is what I answered him. I thought you might like to read it. Q. Someone sent me a link to your web site. With all due respect this is degrading to our Holy Torah! Where has any amailut in learning gone? Please forward any haskamot you have on this project. I am glad of your interest in Animated Talmud. You sound offended that someone would try and make our holy Talmud accessible to all Jews in all walks of life. Unfortunately your comment reminds me of the Jews who did not think Kiruv was a good idea. If another Jew did not have the same chances and background in Judaism, he used to be left by the wayside. Baruch Hashem, Chabad and other Kiruv movements did not let this happen. Many of us would not be here if it were not for these caring Jews. Have you ever seen a learning challenged child struggle to make sense of all the words floating by on a page of Talmud? Is this child's Jewish soul not as important as yours or mine? True learning and "amailut" can only happen once the basics are understood. The rewarding struggle that goes on when truly delving into the Talmud will only happen once the original concept is "chapped". Then, in depth discussion and "amailut" can take place. I should not have to tell you this, as you sound like a learned person. Animated Talmud is an introduction to the basics. Imagine how much more learning can take place once the basic mishna is understood through some visual aid that will without a doubt, stay in your mind. It is a teacher's dream come true. Now, homework in fifth and sixth grade Jewish schools can be: Go home, and see the animation on "Ailu Metziot." Tomorrow we will discuss the mishna further in class. You can bet that all the young students will do as they are told and will also remember what they saw, and most probably, they will participate in the class discussion. One more thing, I recently showed this to a former Rebbi of mine in Israel. He had tears in his eyes as he tolde, "I have been learning Talmud for 60 some years, and I have gone over this section countless times. I never really knew how flax is made and what the Mishna really meant when they said "tow of flax"-until now. Sincerely, Benny Goldstein